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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

The wallet address belonging to the new owner of the first-ever Pot O’ Gold NFT to be handed out is…


And you can see the transaction here on Binance Smart Chain’s block explorer.

The NFT will be sent in the next day or two and we will make an announcement on our Twitter account and on our Telegram account as soon as it is. If you cannot see it in your wallet after the announcement then check your wallet transactions on Etherscan.

Thanks all for watching. Much gin was consumed in the making of this video!

Today, Lepricon reveals its new look as it makes the transition from token raise to active video game company.

As we have said from the very beginning, we are a game company. We want to entertain. We want to be fun.

It all starts with our new logo, which has, in turn, informed much of the new look and feel for the company. To design our logo, we appointed Kiwie, a Latvia-based street artist who has left his mark in all four corners of the world. …

A few weeks ago, a whole lot of people grabbed their NFTs in our first-ever NFT sale. We said that we would hold a draw and that one of those winning wallets would also receive a super-powerful Pot O’ Gold NFT, which guarantees a minimum of %77.7 APR for life.

Two weeks ago, we announced that we would be working with Chainlink to use their VRF technology to ensure a fair draw.

The moment has come.

We will hold a live YouTube event on Thursday, 13 May at Noon UTC (8 pm Hong Kong, 1 pm UK) to announce the…

Those of you who watch the wallets, and we know there are plenty of you that do, will notice a large number of token distributions in a few days. Here, I will explain what this means. I will also explain how this ties into the delay in verifying our smart contract,

The first piece of news is that the contract for L3P is now fully verified. You can see it here. It’s worth a look actually, you might find some easter eggs.

There was a good reason for the delay.

Our contract is not a run-of-the-mill contract. It has several…

We know that you have been waiting patiently, then impatiently, for us to open native staking on our website.

The good news is that this is finally right around the corner. We are happy with the outcomes on testnet and are ready to move it to mainnet. When we switch it on then, we will let everyone know.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our staking strategy from now until June 16th.

The story so far is this:

  • Our white paper stated that we would offer a minimum APR of 77.7% for the first three months after TGE. …

KQJ is real. We have proof!

Here is a nine-minute gameplay video, edited from 30 minutes of raw gameplay. It’s riveting stuff! It’s from the actual game before we began refactoring from Cocos to React Native. The gameplay is currently silent. We admit we are guilty of adding a little music.

What is happening with KQJ?

There is a story behind KQJ, and we thought it might help explain some of the challenges that we have faced and why it turned out to be not so simple to launch the game in March as we had originally anticipated. It’s easy to say, “It’s not…

Lepricon, the blockchain-based gaming and prediction platform, is delighted to announce our planned use of Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) within the upcoming Pot O’ Gold NFT draw. Chainlink VRF is an industry-leading secure and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that’s purpose-built for smart contracts, providing consuming applications with on-chain cryptographic proof of the random number’s integrity as being tamper-proof.

Lepricon will use the randomness supplied by Chainlink VRF to select the winners of a draw, where one of the seven Pot O’ Gold NFTs will be rewarded to one of the 90 contributors who took part in our initial…

Since the listing on last week, we are very aware that the value of the L3P token has fallen. Tokens do rise and fall naturally, and in the past week, many altcoins have depreciated. However, in the case of L3P, there have been other factors in play.

Our listing on was problematic. The opening price appeared to be 9/1000 of a cent, an error that once made could not be undone. We cannot go back in time and relist. We can only attempt to remedy the situation.

To accompany the launch of our staking platform this weekend, we…

Gaming and NFT platform Lepricon is pleased to announce that it has selected YIELD App as an investment solution for its long-term USDT assets. Lepricon will invest a portion of the proceeds from its pre-sale USDT assets that are not required for operations in the coming year with the YIELD App platform, where its holding will earn up to 20% APY.

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed hyper-casual games platform. …

Lepricon has entered into a contractual agreement with BEPRO Network to develop the engine that will power FansPredict, a real-world events and sports hyper-casual prediction game, announced by Lepricon for launch later in 2021. Lepricon will leverage BEPRO’s considerable decentralized prediction code-base and backend infrastructure and integrate it with the front-end development already underway.

“BEPRO’s technology is tried and tested across the digital gaming industry, ” said Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon. …

Community Owned & Governed Prediction Platform

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