Introducing MoveMyWallet — Easy Transfers Of All Your Assets!
3 min readMay 12, 2022
  • MoveMyWallet — a wholly new, never-before seen product in the Lepricon ecosystem
  • Enabling you to transfer all of your assets in an instant
  • Compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon
  • Simple steps to complete the item transfer process!
  • No more hassle whilst moving multiple assets
  • Reduction of overall gas fees

We are extremely thrilled to introduce you to Lepricon’s newest product called MoveMyWallet, built on a concept never-before implemented that allows you to move multiple items from one wallet to another, without paying horrendous gas fees!

Whether you wish to move cryptocurrencies or NFTs in bulk, MoveMyWallet’s smart contracts will bundle them up for you and allow seamless transfers with low overall gas fees, superb efficiency, and most importantly, no hassle.

All it takes to move multiple assets is a few simple steps, a few inputs, and the tokens will be on their way!

Why did Lepricon do this, one might ask… The truth is, currently, the world has no viable solutions to quickly and effectively transferring all tokens, including NFTs, in your wallet.

Excessively high gas fee bills build up in the process of transferring each asset individually — those who have experienced moving from one platform or wallet to another, are surely familiar with the pain points encountered during the move.

We needed a new solution that would be simply built and of great seamlessness, and could be switched between chains.

Lepricon’s MoveMyWallet is compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum network, which makes it a very flexible solution for any type of bulk transfer one wishes to do. In a matter of a few clicks, your cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be on its way, and you will not be subjected to collosal sums for such transactions.

MoveMyWallet is first-of-its-kind, and nothing like it has been created by anyone, including the big boys at Binance, Coinbase, or anywhere else. At Lepricon, we are never afraid and always welcome competition because we know we will win no matter what.

That’s why we have completely open-sourced MoveMyWallet with the help of thorough smart contract audits from multiple firms, in order to both push cooperation and innovation forward. All the code is in Lepricon’s public GitHub repository which you can find here.

Move Multiple Assets With MoveMyWallet

  • Visit and Connect Wallet
  • Select your current wallet and sign into it, allowing a connection to MoveMyWallet
  • Select a network at the top
  • Select the tokens you want to be transferred, or if you wish, click Select All
  • Click the middle arrow >
  • Repeat the process with your NFTs
  • Select your payment option
  • Click Bundle and Confirm transaction — the bundle will complete in seconds
  • Paste your receiving wallet for the final transfer
  • Click Transfer, Confirm it, and you’re done!

If you like visuals better and have 2 free minutes, watch the video guide below:

We hope that now you see what a simple yet effective product MoveMyWallet came to be — you can forget expensive transfers, user-experience pains, and the main hassle of trying to move all your digital assets.

How to begin? Check out and read our mischievous about section! If you wish to have a more inclusive guide to MoveMyWallet, check out our Gitbook page where everything has been outlined. Speaking of Git, in case you are a developer and would like to contribute to MoveMyWallet with your elite programming skills, submit a pull request on MoveMyWallet’s GitHub repository!

Welcome to MoveMyWallet!

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