We’re Ready to Enter The Pit — Are You?

We are beyond excited to watch our friends at Koduku Studios get ready to launch 5000 NFTs destined for battle in The Pit, a neo-colosseum that floats in a timeless void. The Pit is the first game of its kind and will provide a competitive environment for wagering NFTs against each other in simulated battles.

Legends tell of the Koduku Curse which ensnared human souls and twisted them into the beastly forms of Avians, Serpents, Insectoids, and Hounds. These doomed creatures are immortalised as NFTs and destined to fight in battles in which there can only be one winner, only one survivor. There will be 1,250 of each beast and a potential 150 billion variations in traits and properties. The NFTs will mint on Friday, Dec 3 at 11 pm UTC on their website, and be tradeable on Opensea shortly thereafter.

Most exciting: the prize pool for the first three week season is 100 ETH!!!

Koduku Studios have done such a good job, they were acquired by eSports powerhouse, Pioneer just this week, making the final announcement last night.

We’ve been talking to the fantastic team behind this about working with them on a number of areas, including Lepricon creating its own series of playable NFTs to battle in the pit, using our gas-free Ethereum-Compatible side chain, Leprichain, as a new channel to reach contestants, and later, incorporating prediction markets for The Pit tournaments in our own peer to peer prediction platform, FansPredict, which we predict (sorry, couldn’t resist) will launch in early to mid-February.

We normally would not talk about these things until the ink was dry on the page, but we are making an exception because we want our entire community to know about this project and give them the support that they deserve.

Make sure to join their Discord and follow them on Twitter.

About Lepricon
Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for entertainment through blockchain technology and seeking to establish the general acceptance of player-owned economies in games. We believe that gaming can and should be the first killer-on ramp to mainstream adoption, and Lepricon’s stated mission is to catalyse this outcome.

Our activities break into three distinct tracks; technology, entertainment and DeFi.

At the core of this strategy is Lepricon’s own high-speed, gas-less Ethereum-compatible side chain, Leprichain. We are developing software solutions in the form of SDKs, which will empower mainstream game development studios to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. These solutions are built upon and powered by Leprichain, with the intent to create a drag and drop blockchain solution for mainstream game developers.

Lepricon is developing several in-house entertainment activities that operate on Leprichain, including our collection of arcade and carnival games at Lepricon City. The first games are straightforward, but we will develop more complex games that demonstrate Leprichain’s capabilities over time. We will leverage these demonstration games to encourage third party dApp developers to deploy on Leprichain.

Leprichain and all of the dApps that run on it are powered by our ERC-20 / BEP-20 utility token, L3P. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will enable L3P holders to manage their tokens, participate in governance, and benefit from advanced yield-earning activities. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will launch towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.

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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.