My name is Josh Galloway and I am delighted to be able to introduce a new project in the intersection of blockchain and gaming.

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform which is set to go live in early 2021.

The team behind Lepricon believes passionately that gamification and gaming promise to be important drivers for wider retail acceptance of digital currencies and blockchain-based applications. Lepricon aims to be at the front lines of this change.

Here are the main features of Lepricon. Future articles will go into more detail about them.

Decentralised Platform

Lepricon is a decentralised autonomous organisation or DAO. This means that Lepricon is run transparently according to rules defined by computer code. There is no central executive that can supplant these rules or direct the organisation by fiat.

Community Governed

Decisions that are made concerning the future activities of Lepricon will be made by the community participants who hold Lepricon’s governing token, L3P. The community will be able to vote according to their holding on issues or proposals that arise. Similarly, it is community participants that will have the ability to propose such changes for consideration. Community participants include liquidity providers, developers and users.

The Lepricon Platform

The platform will combine elements of Decentralised Finance with prediction-based games. We expect to launch three games in quick succession once the platform opens up. These games are:

  •, a bitcoin price prediction game
  •, a card-based prediction game
  •, a sports and real-world events prediction game

Later, we will open the platform up to third party developers to host their prediction-based games on Lepricon with the aim of building a significant stable of hypercasual entertainment.

User Experience vs Technology

Our primary focus is on the user experience, not the technology that underlines it. The technology should simply work and provide the trust necessary for Lepricon to operate, rather than be the story itself. Users will come to Lepricon because they will be entertained by good content and a powerful rewards system, not because we are a blockchain-based organisation.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Finally Lepricon believes that NFTs have the power to become very valuable commodities, that can be traded on secondary markets, outside of the Lepricon platform itself. NFTs will be a major component in the merging of gaming and blockchain and we aim to play a significant role in developing the methods by which these assets are obtained and traded.

In upcoming articles we will delve much deeper into the various components of the Lepricon platform, those mentioned above and other important parts of the organisation. In the meantime please visit our website at and follow us on our social media platforms listed below.

Thanks and let’s get to work.




Community Owned & Governed Prediction Platform