Spin our Lucky Wheel and Win a Fast Food Punk

5 min readNov 29, 2021
There hasn’t been this much Punk since the Sex Pistols broke up
  • Win The Ultimate Punk Pack including Fast Food Punk #867
  • Nine runners up NFT prizes
  • Each 100 L3P spent on Lucky Wheel is one entry to the prize draw
  • Ticket Counter starts Monday 29th November at midnight UTC
  • Last play at midnight 7th January

Yes! You can win a Fast Food Punk and much more. Read on to find out how…

We’ve become addicted to this giving stuff away thing, and now that we are celebrating our launch on Binance Smart Chain, it’s time to go large. But, we think we’ve gone so far as to be certifiable this time.

So, let’s get to it. How would you like to win this Fast Food Punk? Look up. It’s the one in a cowboy hat.

With a floor price surpassing 0.88 Eth, its estimated market worth is at least US$4000. Fast Food Punks are expected to only go up in value.

And that is not all! We’re not content to give you just a Fast Food Punk. Nope, we are going the whole hog here. We’ll bundle in a Fast Food Burger, a Mineable Punk, a Punks, The Other Side, and a Menacing Punk. Here is the complete list:

Fast Food Punk #867

Fast Food Burger #867

Mineable Punk #10923

Punks, The Other Side #0025

Menacing Punk #210

You can win your very own ULTIMATE PUNK PACK!

There are other prizes too. We are throwing in a random selection from our growing Leprivault of popular NFTs as runner up prizes. In total, ten people will walk away with a prize. We will announce those NFTs periodically while the promotion is active.

How to participate — the short version

Starting from midnight Monday 29th November (UTC), all you have to do is play the Lucky Wheel which operates on our own gas-free Ethereum Compatible side chain, Leprichain. For every 100 L3P you play (one USDT at the time of writing), you will get one entry. The more you play, the more entries you will get. You don’t have to do anything other than play because the spend per wallet is captured on the blockchain. No forms to fill out. No KYC.

Just play the Lucky Wheel, and you are in with a chance to win the Ultimate Punk Pack.

At midnight (UTC again, in case you weren’t sure) on 7th January, we will snapshot the Lucky Wheel Smart Contract.

We will total up all the L3P played in the game during the promotion. For each 100 L3P we will award that wallet address an entry. If you play 1,000,000 L3P, then you will get 10,000 entries!

All the entries will then go in a random draw, and from that, we will pick ten winners on a live YouTube event. The 10th address we draw will get the ULTIMATE PUNK PACK.

As this is entirely based upon transactions recorded in the smart contract, the entries per wallet will be verifiably fair for all.

How to participate — the extended version

If you don’t own L3P
Well then, you will need to buy some!

You can buy L3P on Uniswap (Ethereum Mainnet) or Pancake Swap (Binance Smart Chain). You must use a MetaMask wallet as, at this time, this is the only wallet that interacts with The Lucky Wheel on Leprichain.

If you own L3P but have not transferred any to Leprichain
If you have L3P on Ethereum, then go to wallet.lepricon.io. Connect your MetaMask wallet, enter the amount and then press stake. This will move your L3P from Mainnet to our gas-free side chain, Leprichain.

If you own L3P on Binance Smart Chain, we have created this simple dumbApp that will enable you to transfer your L3P to Leprichain quickly.

Please note — L3P is called SL3P when it is on Leprichain.

If you have not yet added Leprichain to your MetaMask
The fastest way is to go to Lepricon City, where your MetaMask will ask permission to add the new network. But if that does not work, then simply:

  • Open your MetaMask. Click Settings, Networks, then Add network
  • Network name: Leprichain
  • RPC URL: https://node.leprichain.blockwell.ai
  • Chain ID: 49777
  • Symbol: You can leave this blank (ignore any number that shows up, it is not Eth as you know it and is meaningless and worthless)
  • Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.leprichain.blockwell.ai
  • Click Save
  • Now, make sure Leprichain is the active network
  • Click Add Token and choose the custom token tab
  • Copy this into the token contract address field:
  • You will now see SL3P added as a token

Now that you have L3P on Leprichain, you can play Lucky Wheel
Go to Lepricon City. The website will ask you to change your MetaMask network to Leprichain if it is not already set. Then, click the big banner on the computer monitor for Lucky Wheel.

Play the game. And remember, every 100 SL3P you spend is one entry in the draw.

And there is more!
If you read this far, then congratulations, you get to hear an exceptional piece of news.

Once this competition is over, we are going to do this every month!!!!

And as we launch new games at Lepricon City, every 100 SL3P spent across the site will count towards the monthly draw.

Now, if you want that Punk Pack, may we suggest you spin the wheel…

Any questions? Please drop into our Discord or Telegram channels.

About Lepricon
Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for entertainment through blockchain technology and seeking to establish the general acceptance of player-owned economies in games. We believe that gaming can and should be the first killer-on ramp to mainstream adoption, and Lepricon’s stated mission is to catalyse this outcome.

Our activities break into three distinct tracks; technology, entertainment and DeFi.

At the core of this strategy is Lepricon’s own high-speed, gas-less Ethereum-compatible side chain, Leprichain. We are developing software solutions in the form of SDKs, which will empower mainstream game development studios to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. These solutions are built upon and powered by Leprichain, with the intent to create a drag and drop blockchain solution for mainstream game developers.

Lepricon is developing several in-house entertainment activities that operate on Leprichain, including our collection of arcade and carnival games at Lepricon City. The first games are straightforward, but we will develop more complex games that demonstrate Leprichain’s capabilities over time. We will leverage these demonstration games to encourage third party dApp developers to deploy on Leprichain.

Leprichain and all of the dApps that run on it are powered by our ERC-20 / BEP-20 utility token, L3P. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will enable L3P holders to manage their tokens, participate in governance, and benefit from advanced yield-earning activities. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will launch towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.

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