Recap AMA CRYPTOVN X Lepricon

Recap AMA CRYPTOVN X Lepricon

Time: 20:00PM UTC+7. November 29, 2020.

The ama session will have 3 parts:

💧1. Introduction

💧2. Answer question on Twitter

💧3. Free asking

PART 1: Introduction


Q1 — Can you tell us about the Lepricon idea, where did it come from? What was the reason for creating?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Brilliant first question! — I spent nearly half my life in the video games industry, in the USA and Asia, including working on some famous AAA titles. I was very lucky to work in an industry about which I was (and am) very passionate. A few years ago I had the opportunity to apply my business development skills to new blockchain-related projects, which gave me the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of an entirely new industry. Very quickly I realised the huge opportunity that exists where the fields of gaming and blockchain meet, and that blockchain might be the biggest disrupter to the gaming industry in a generation. Lepricon is born out of that vision. It’s the first step towards an exciting future.


Sound great! Next question.

Q2 — Lepricon CEO Joshua has a background in video games, what are some details on this?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

That covers 20 years so I will just put some highlights.

In the US I was a producer at God Games which produced among other titles Max Payne

In 2001 I moved to Hong Kong as part of a team producing an online MMORPG.

In 2011 I started my own agency and worked with some major producers in mobile games including the company that created Fruit Ninja. In total I worked with about 50 game development and technology companies at this time.


Fruit Ninja is a favorite game of many people 😱😱

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Yes, I was very proud to be involved in Fruit Ninja.


Q3 — So many projects promise games but they never arrive, how will Lepricon be different?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

This is a very important question and there are several parts to the answer:

The direct answer is for the games — we have three in development right now — one is ready and we expect to have three when we launch. So we will launch the Lepricon platform with real content.

We are also talking to a number of third party developers with a view to quickly adding new games following the launch of the platform.

We realise that what will make Lepricon successful is the content and that people will use the platform because we have great content, not because we are a blockchain project.


Q4 — What’s the future for Lepricon, where will it be in 3 years?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

There are so many possibilities for the Lepricon platform, and three years is a long time in such a fast-moving world! But at the core, we see Lepricon as an app store or marketplace with an ever-growing catalogue of first and third-party “on-chain” prediction games, all governed by the Lepricon community (those who hold the governance token, L3P)


Great! Last question for part 1.

Q5 — Tell us what makes Lepricon different from other prediction platforms?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

  1. From an experience point of view — if you look at other prediction platforms on Etherium they are difficult for users to participate in because of low transaction speeds and high gas costs. We are an ERC20 token at launch with a relay from ETH to Polkadot whih allows us to deliver high Transactions Per Second and low gas fee.

I might also point out the team of people we have bought together from blockchain, gaming and outside of crypto including brand development experts and our technical team. I believe the team of people behind Lepricon is a very important differentiator as well.

PART 2: . Answer question on Twitter

Q1. @bao300

“Currently, #LEPRICON token still has an Ethereum platform, which is arguably high and slow. What does LEPRICON think? What do you expect from the Etherum 2.0 platform or build your platform in the futures?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

I think we may have answered this above, Yes, ETH has meant in the past slow transaction rates and high gas fees. There are still a lot of questions about ETH 2,0 as well. That is why we are implementing a bridge into the Polkadot ecosystem which enables us to significantly increase transaction speeds and lower the gas fees.

Q2. @koocoin

“In the future, will the #LEPRICON token be developed with more utilities? What is your plan to add value to LEPRICON?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Our L3P token will be integral to the development of the Lepricon platform, specifically community governance on the direction and development of new content/games.

The main driver of growth for Lepricon will be its growing stable of entertainment options giving more reason for more people to play and therefore participate in the L3P ecoystem.

Q3. @koocoin

“How do you feel about the Vietnamese market and Viet Nam user? Is this a suitable market for #LEPRICON development? Do you have plans to develop Viet Nam community after this AMA?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

We are really excited about Vietnam and really impressed with the enthusiasm of the community. We absolutely would love to grow a great community in Vietnam which of course is why we have created a Lepricon Telegram community to start that process. We are also aware of the considerable technical skills available in Vietnam and are looking at using Vietnamese based resources for some of our own internal development work.

Link to the TG is

Q4. @manugotsuka1

“Apart of the global Channel, Lepricon has 3 communities more: Filipino, Vietnamese and Indonesian, so the ASIAN territory is your target market? Have you consider create more communities? Like a Spanish or Japanese one?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

We are not limited to just Asian countries, it is simply that we are starting with certain countries first. It is easier to start closer to home. There are no limits to our global aspirations or the range of communities we would like to build all over the world.

Q5. @zhizeng121

“The market today has a lot of development projects follow the NFT trend. So what are the outstanding features and advantages of $ Lepricon to attract users and investors?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

NFT are a very important part of our roadmap. We believe NFTs are more than just a trend, they are at the core of what happens when the world of gaming and blockchain collides.

We will be releasing details of our NFT initiatives during the course of our public sale.

But NFTs are just a part of our overall plan. As to why we believe people should invest I would highlight:

  1. The unique multi-industry team that we have bought together.
  2. The open and transparent community management of Lepricon
  3. Our focus on the content and experience as the main drivers of growth.

Q6. @lona321ama

“Could you give me 3 key points to convince me and other angel invest?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Sure — although this may repeat some of the things above.

  1. The team and the wide range of backgrounds and experiences.
  2. The transparency in governance and the safeguards we have put in to ensure some of the not so good things that have happened in previous launches of other companies do not happen at Lepricon
  3. Our strong sense of ethics in that we want to do the right thing and be part of the growth of blockchain based applications into new markets and attract new users.
  4. Our prioritising of content and experience over the technology. A game user should experience the game and enjoy it for what it is, that it uses blockchain should not be the central theme.

PART 3: Free asking

  1. @Hitman330

Question: “STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and ACHIEVE MASS ADOPTION. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Yes, the DeFi side of our platform will include staking of L3P tokens, we will implement other protocols and partnerships, and this yield will be further enhanced through some of the fees generated by content/games on the platform.

  1. @Pacotous99

Question: “Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Yes, we have a buyback and make model, fees generated from content/games will be used to buyback tokens from the market, which will then be distributed to stakers in the DeFi platform, this allows for continuous issuance beyond the community reward tokens allocated to a typical DeFi yield farm.

  1. @robiul1224

Question: “What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?”

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Have great games. great UI/UX and easy onboarding (people joining). Knowledge of crypto or bockchain should not be important or necessary This is where our gaming experience is very important. It is about the experience. People are used to in-game currencies, for example many mobile games have coin and AAA games like Warcraft also have currency. That these currencies might be on blockchain should be transparent to the user.

  1. @Ahmed1760

Question: “Where I can buy LEPRIVONIO ? What are the steps to participate in Staking? What are the benefits of participating?

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Join our global telegram group @lepriconio and/or visit our website to get the latest updates about our token sale. This is also where we will publish details about staking.

That’s four answered but so many more questions to answer. We are developing a comprehensive FAQ which we will publish on and when it is launched we will drop a message in this group to let you know.

Joshua Galloway — CEO at Lepricon:

Thank you everyone for welcoming me into your group!

AMA CRYPTOVN X Lepricon Event Winners:

Twitter segment:

  1. @bao300
  2. @koocoin
  3. @koocoin
  4. @manugotsuka1
  5. @zhizeng121
  6. @lona321ama

Live asking segment:

  1. @Hitman330
  2. @Pacotous99
  3. @robiul1224
  4. @Ahmed1760




Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.

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Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.

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