Lepricon Weekly Bulletin — Apr 22, 2022

2 min readApr 22, 2022

A note from Emily…

And the engine keeps churning…

This past week was another development-focused week in all areas. We’ve been wrapping up testing on 2 utility products, polishing up a new hyper-casual game, conducting intensive testing for FansPredict and preparing for the new release for our website. There is a lot more going on underneath the surface, but more sharing about those will come later.

We’ve also welcomed some newcomers to our team in the marketing and development teams, who we will introduce as the weeks go by!

What’s happened this week (April 18 — April 22 2022)


The website will be ready very soon and should see light by early next week latest.


FansPredict is currently on BNB Chain test net and undergoing prediction testing these 2 weeks.

Pack Generator / new product

We’re wrapping up the testing period on these 2 products. The new product will be announced publicly as soon as some final details are prepared.

Speak next week!

Emily Ho
Director of Marketing

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