Lepricon The Journey So Far and What the Future Holds

5 min readDec 23, 2022


Lepricon has faced its share of challenges in the past year both as a company and as a token. The recent hack which saw the liquidity pool drained was devastating and caused considerable fear in the small but vocal Lepricon community.

However, compared to many tokenised companies that launched in the same period as us, Lepricon has always built, and in the eighteen months since funding, has created a considerable amount of product and utility. Most importantly we continue to build. The Lepricon project has not been abandoned.

Here is a recap of what we have launched in the past 18 months…


Get the Cats — Augmented Reality

Get the Cats was the first game launched by Lepricon through its affiliated company Super Ultra, a Hong Kong-based game development studio focused on developing games. Get the Cats is an augmented reality game where you can spend time finding cats. Lots of them. Available on (iOS App Store / Google Play).

As mainstream brands move into The Metaverse, we believe that augmented reality will have a huge part to play in this new world, even more so than full virtual reality. The skills and knowledge we have learned in this field are a core element for the company’s future.

Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel was our first dApp deployed on Leprichain, Lepricon’s gas-less Ethereum Compatible Side-chain. It was a simple Wheel Of Fortune-style game, where players selected how much they wanted to play and pressed the button. Prizes were up to eight times the tokens staked.

We have now moved on from Leprichain as it does not make commercial sense given changes in the market, especially noting Polygon and their ZK Rollups. However, the Lucky Wheel is a component that will feature in upcoming games as an in-game element.


With an initial mint of 10,000 composable NFTs created in Lepricon’s Pack Generator dApp, each containing another NFT and some crypto, you are guaranteed to win something every time. To play the game, simply crank the handle and wait for it to give you your NFT, which will be airdropped to you instantly on the Polygon Network. You can crank, again and again, winning an NFT each time.

Gachapon will develop in many ways. It acts as an NFT distribution service, and we are in talk with a number ofg game developers who want to incorporate similar functionality into their ecosystems. It is also notable because it was the primary driver behind our Pack Generator technology, which enables the batch minting of composed NFTs. The pack Generator is discussed in more detail below.

Chili Bottles NFT Collection

The Gachapon NFTs all contain a Chili Bottle NFT as part of the composable NFT. There are ten thousand of these of varying rarity. These NFTs will play a significant role in expanding the Lepricon City arcade, and other gaming systems built on the token.

FansPredict (A Peer2Peer Prediction Platform)

FansPredict is a peer to peer prediction platform which will operate using BNB and LPR. FansPredict is a casual approach to predicting real-world events, allowing players to join pools for binary outcomes on almost anything. The game itself will become a platform for hyper-niched vertical games suited to different interests and markets.

Street Food Pinball

Street Food Pinball brings pinball to blockchain by using LPR for its player vs player (PvP) mode. It also has a ranking system with weekly rewards paid out in BUSD.

Planet Giant

Planet Giant is a single-player action-adventure game that aims to integrate the utility of NFTs as both playable game characters and items that connect to a simple yet robust gaming platform. Developed with Super Ultra, it placed second in the Moralis X Cronos Metaverse Hackathon. Planet Giant was created in just seven weeks and received some stellar comments from the judging panel, stating that the graphics resembled that of a AAA game. The game will use LPR as its in-game currency. The demo can be played here (Windows only).

Upcoming GameFi Platform

Super Ultra will use the Lepricon token ecosystem as the rewards and retention mechanism for an upcoming mobile game platform, currently in development. Below are some of the games that will be featured in the app.​​

Jungle Drum

A tap and run game where the objective is to catch the treasure chest containing LPR. You do so by tapping a drum, but look out! If you tap the drum when it is a dog you will lose points. Click here for a teaser of the game.

Gazoline Racing

Gazoline racing is a game where the goal is to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding traffic. Coins collected convert to LPR!

Utility Tools

Move my Wallet

Lepricon developed MoveMyWallet in order to move cryptocurrencies or NFTs in bulk. The smart contracts will bundle them up for you and allow seamless transfers with low overall gas fees, superb efficiency, and most importantly, no hassle.

Pack Generator

Pack Generator turns digital assets into downloadable content. Pack and unpack NFTs with other digital assets. Mint one or mint a batch.


Lepricon will continue in 2023. The Lepricon token will also continue, with a new token launched in late January to replace the previous token after the hack. We’ve suffered setbacks and challenges like any start-up, but unlike many start-ups in the token economy, we have kept the lights on, and we will find a road to success. Eventually!




Lepricon is a blockchain-driven ecosystem of DeFi, games, and NFTs delivered on our gas-free Ethereum compatible side chain, Leprichain.