L3P, the lifeblood of the Lepricon ecosystem

The engine of the Lepricon platform will be a dynamic, self-sustaining community of users, gamers, and developers. And it is our native L3P token that will provide the fuel for these community-owned and community-governed platforms, including our decentralised prediction platform (DPM), FansPredict, and blockchain-enabled gaming infrastructure.

In the future, users will be able to stake their L3P in our virtual pools and transact with the token in decentralised games built on the Lepricon infrastructure, where L3P serves as the in-game currency.

Currently, the closest thing gamers have to a universal currency that they can use during and out of play is fiat currency. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will topple this system, and it will happen sooner than expected.

From the first line of code, our approach to designing the Lepricon ecosystem was to reimagine where we could take gaming with a dusting of blockchain magic. A lot has been written about the decentralisation of power that blockchain brings to the gaming environment. Still, regarding gaming, this decentralisation can be construed as fewer rules and lower costs, and the freedom for users to create and introduce their own in-game content. This drives user-governed economies with L3P as the means of transaction. But your L3P will not be constrained to use inside the parameters of one game as in centralised games.

Using the purpose-built Leprichain, a fully ERC-compliant sidechain reserved for L3P holders, gamers will be able to move their L3P between DeFi protocols such as staking and various decentralised games. Users can add the sidechain to their Metamask in the same way as with the Binance Smart Chain, but with zero fees for on-chain activities. There will be a gas fee to move L3P from Ethereum to the Leprichain, but it’s a free ride once on the chain.

Users can stake L3P on MantraDao on Ethereum or bridge to Leprichain, where holders can earn a yield simply by holding the token in their wallet on Leprichain. Soon, L3P will be the in-game currency for all the arcade games that are in the pipeline. We are also steadily working towards the release of our DeFi portal, lepricon.fi, where users will be able to manage their tokens, participate in governance, and benefit from advanced yield-earning activities.

Experts say that gaming may be the first genuine on-ramp for mainstream adoption of blockchain. Virtual world games have all the makings of a blockchain laboratory. They are fully digitised, gamified economies where blockchain technology and tokens like L3P can power real-world solutions.

In “Unblocking Blockchain: Gaming Is the Tipping Point for Mass Adoption”, Toptal asserts that blockchain will upend the centralised and monopolistic gaming industry by creating borderless and immersive worlds. “How gaming navigates the remaining hurdles will become a case study for other industries considering widespread adoption.” It’s hard to disagree with this sentiment.

Lepricon is a blockchain company with gaming DNA first and foremost, and we do what we do to prove that gaming can and should be the preeminent on-ramp for the mass adoption of blockchain.

The mainstream gaming industry will eventually wake up to the potential of decentralised gaming, and we intend to be ready with the solutions they need when they do. We want to be planted firmly in the space where virtual and real worlds merge when it happens — where gamers can transact with tokens like L3P in in-game economies, log out of play, and receive yields from staking in one of our virtual pools using the same tokens. The writing is on the wall. This is where gaming is going, and the whole industry is very much heading in the same direction.

About Lepricon
Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for entertainment through blockchain technology and seeking to establish the general acceptance of player-owned economies in games. We believe that gaming can and should be the first killer-on ramp to mainstream adoption, and Lepricon’s stated mission is to catalyse this outcome.

Our activities break into three distinct tracks; technology, entertainment and DeFi.


At the core of this strategy is Lepricon’s own high-speed, gas-less Ethereum-compatible side chain, Leprichain. We are developing software solutions in the form of SDKs, which will empower mainstream game development studios to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. These solutions are built upon and powered by Leprichain, with the intent to create a drag and drop blockchain solution for mainstream game developers.


Lepricon is developing several in-house entertainment activities that operate on Leprichain, including our collection of arcade and carnival games at Lepricon City. The first games are straightforward, but we will develop more complex games that demonstrate Leprichain’s capabilities over time. We will leverage these demonstration games to encourage third party dApp developers to deploy on Leprichain.

Leprichain and all of the dApps that run on it are powered by our ERC-20 utility token, L3P. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will enable L3P holders to manage their tokens, participate in governance, and benefit from advanced yield-earning activities. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will launch towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.


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