Gachapon is Back — Thousands of USDT to be won

The Gachapon Machine has returned and there are still thousands of NFTs loaded with USDT on Polygon to be won.

It’s really simple:

  1. Buy LPR on PancakeSwap if you don’t already have some

Each go on the Gachapon Machine costs 75 LPR. At the time of writing that is 37 cents. The least you can win on the Gachapon machine is 50 cents. That’s bear markets for you — you are guaranteed to make a profit.

But it gets better.

When we minted the Gachapon NFTs, we created the following:

If you bought them all you would spend 750,000 LPR — US$3,750 — and win US$17,425

The bear market has hit the price of the token considerably but they are still there to be won, and of course by buying the token on the market and playing the machine, not only do you get your USDT but we get to take about 3% of the circulating tokens out of circulation.

So what are you waiting for? There are 9,600 left!



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