FansPredict — a First Look

FansPredict — Search Results Design Mockup
  • FansPredict now in code development
  • User and event management completed
  • Current tasks: prediction pool participation
  • Launch expected early Q1 2022
FansPredict Event Page — Screenshot from Development Web Site.
  • Finished the site design
  • Built the superstructure of the website (hosted at our super-secret online development facility)
  • Built the website using language packs so that the interface can be multi-lingual
  • Completed the Web 3 wallet logon for MetaMask, profile management, and implemented the smart contracts that support it
  • Created the back end prediction market administration system that manages all the available predictions, categories, and allows us to add liquidity to them
  • Implemented the home page, profile page, and category pages, and individual event pages
FansPredict Profile Page from Test Site (Screenshot)
Screenshot of the live home page on the development server



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