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  • Staking on MANTRA DAO will be reduced from 3 L3P per block to 1 L3P per block. The APR at the time of writing is 27% so that the resultant APR will be approximately 9%, based on the current pool size.
  • We will reintroduce the eight-day waiting period for unstaking on MANTRA DAO.
  • The APR for L3P held as SL3P on Leprichain will become 7.7% …


NFT Staking Starts July 1, 2021

On June 16th, we will reach the end of the three months promotional period for L3P Staking. In our white paper, we stated we would guarantee a rate of 77.7% for the first three months. This promotional offer was, of course, to encourage early adopters to hold in the first few months as vested tokens came online.


  • Thursday, June 17th: The APR on MANTRA DAO Staking will be reduced by 50%. …

What’s in the Arcade?

We have four games planned for…

KQJ to debut in Rio Wallet in early June

A Bit of Background

Last December, an eternity in Crypto-time, we announced our very first partnership. It was with Rio DeFi, the developers of RioChain, a DOT-compatible parachain. We stated that our primary line of development would be to use RioChain as our first transaction mechanism. We noted two reasons. First, it is blazingly fast, handling over 3000 transactions per second, and second, the gas fees paid in Rio Defi’s native token, rFuel, are minimal.

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