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Lepricon City

Today is an important day for Lepricon. We are unveiling the first of our gaming dApps, Lucky Wheel…

The engine of the Lepricon platform will be a dynamic, self-sustaining community of users, gamers, and developers. And it is our native L3P token that will provide the fuel for these community-owned and community-governed platforms, including our decentralised prediction platform (DPM), FansPredict, and blockchain-enabled gaming infrastructure.

In the future, users…

Note: only certain people qualify, please read requirements carefully.


The Lucky Wheel game, based on the popular Wheel of Fortune, is now ready for public testing. Although it is a very simple game, it is the first step in building the load capacity of Leprichain before we deploy more…

The new Lepricon has a multi-pronged approach to a particular goal. Namely, solving the problems and challenges that prevent traditional game studios from incorporating blockchain technology into their games, thereby fulfilling the promise that gaming should be the first significant on-ramp for mainstream audiences.

One critical element in our strategy…

For several months now, the Lepricon team has been working feverishly behind closed doors. We have reconceived, redesigned and reinvented the entire company while remaining faithful to the original mission we set out many months ago.

Our original strategy involved contributions from external partners that did not come to pass.

One of Lepricon’s key token management strategies is our buyback and make model. Here, we use revenue from our activities to buy L3P on the open market and return it to the staking rewards pool.

While Lepricon has not yet launched any games, nevertheless we do have healthy revenue from…

As per the article, L3P Staking from June 17th, which we published on June 16th, we will make the final adjustments to staking APRs tomorrow, July 1.

These are the changes:

During Lepricon’s private sale, we placed a strategic investment with NDAU, the world’s first adaptive digital currency.

NDAU is a proof of stake network that utilises sophisticated monetary policy to stabilise its value without a fiat peg. Stablecoins are tied to fiat currencies and remain vulnerable to the effects of…


NFT Staking Starts July 1, 2021

On June 16th, we will reach the end of the three months promotional period for L3P Staking. In our white paper, we stated we would guarantee a rate of 77.7% for the first three months. …

Some time ago, we announced that we would introduce the Lepricon Lotto. However, for the same reason that we shelved Ethereum-based staking in favor of Leprichain, we also concluded that the speed and gas issues of any ERC-20 solution would make a lotto or lucky dip experience painful and unpleasant.

Community Owned & Governed Prediction Platform

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